Rifle Builds, Services, etc.

Though pistols and 1911's might be what we're best known for, we take that same creativity and attention to detail and apply it to custom rifle builds. We tend to gravitate more towards AK & FAL builds because of the fact that custom AK's and FAL's aren't necessarily readily available to the masses. Also, let's be honest... they're just pretty badass, and we like badass stuff. AR modifications and customizations are something we definitely offer as well. 

So keep Heavy Armor Division in mind for your next custom rifle build or rifle customization project.

What do we offer?

AK & FAL Builds

The AK & FAL Platforms are two that we specialize in and particularly enjoy working with. We do a great deal of custom kit builds, as well as assembly of your kits that maybe you never got around to or had issues building yourself.

We do a number of "freestyle" builds that go up on our site and GunBroker, as well as custom builds for customers that are tailored to their specs and wishes.


Maintenance, Upgrades, etc.

If you're looking to get your rifles back into shape or looking to bring them up to match grade quality, we offer a wide variety of services & options to have your rifle cater to your wants & needs.

Contact us for inquiries & quotes!


A few of the services we offer include:

  • Cleaning, Routine Service

  • Trigger Jobs (lightening, better pull, etc)

  • Front Strap Laser Checkering

  • Sight Replacement

  • Barrel Upgrades

  • Cerakote

  • Laser Engraving



In addition to the Cerakote work we do on pistols and custom slides, we also offer custom Cerakoting on rifles as well. This includes AR's, Hunting Rifles, AK's, Shotguns, etc.

If you have a particular rifle that you're looking to have Cerakoted, just give us a call, and we'll let you know if coating that particular rifle is a possibility, and a quote/ estimate.

We keep the following colors in stock at all times, and can order others for an upcharge.

  • HAD Metallic Black, Tungsten, Burnt Bronze, FDE, Sniper Grey, OD Green, Robins Egg Blue

Custom Laser Engraving

We offer a wide variety of slide engraving that includes everything from "all-over" patterns to smaller custom touches such as names, dates, and personal logos. Names and small logos can start at $25 and go up to over $100 for all-over patterns. All of our slides come with a free piece of engraving. Contact us for a quote on your custom engraving project today!