1911 Builds, Parts, & Services

We offer a wide variety of custom 1911 parts, custom 1911 slides, accessories and modification options as well as offering up full builds suitable for both competition and the casual shooter. We pay attention to modern detail, precision, & upgrades without trying to overwork & redevelop what makes the 1911 such a workhorse in the first place. 

Much like our Glock slides, all of our custom 1911 slides are cut in house to ensure precision and quality and come in a variety of materials (stainless, carbon ,etc), sights cuts, sizes, etc. 

We also modify your existing 1911 slides & pistols!

What do we offer?

Custom Slides, Parts & Cutting

We offer a variety of custom cuts and porting options for both our 1911 slides and for your existing 1911 slides. We do offer RMR cuts as well on 1911 slides. We offer the same cuts as the Glock options (Trijicon, Vortex Venom, Vortex Viper, and Burris Fastfire).

For those looking to have their existing slides ported, the prices range from $95 to $200 (not including Cerakote re-finish). Feel free to reach out to us for quotes on slide milling!


Maintenance, Upgrades, etc.

If you're looking to get your 1911 back into shape or looking to bring it up to match grade quality, we offer a wide variety of services & options to have your 1911 cater to your wants & needs.


A few of the services we offer include:

  • Cleaning, Routine Service

  • Trigger Jobs (lightening, better pull, etc)

  • Front Strap Laser Checkering

  • Bobtailing Frames

  • Sight Replacement

  • Barrel Upgrades

  • Slide Cuts

  • Cerakote

  • Laser Engraving



We offer custom Cerakote work on all of our slides as well as your existing slide and frames. Even if you purchase a custom slide form us, you can always send your frame in as well to be Cerakoted at the same time.

Stripped slides and frames that are sent in start at $50 each for single color coating and $95 for for battleworn finishes and a little more for certain Camo patterns. 

We keep the following colors in stock at all times, and can order others for an upcharge.

  • HAD Metallic Black, Tungsten, Burnt Bronze, FDE, Sniper Grey, OD Green, Robins Egg Blue


Custom Laser Engraving

We offer a wide variety of slide engraving that includes everything from "all-over" patterns to smaller custom touches such as names, dates, and personal logos. Names and small logos can start at $25 and go up to over $100 for all-over patterns. All of our slides come with a free piece of engraving. Contact us for a quote on your custom engraving project today!